The Types Of Skin And Their Characteristics

The kind of skin a person has depends upon the amount of oil produced by the sebaceous or oil glands present in the skin. The secretion from the sebaceous glands depends on the person’s genetic composition, dietary intake, level of stress, exposure to the external environment, medication and your routine skincare. Depending on all these factors basically there are five types of skin that people have. These are oily, dry sensitive, combination i.e. sometimes oily and sometimes dry, and sun-damaged.

Before you actually begin the treatment regimen for your skin take a skin test to determine the kind of skin you have. First wash your face with water and then pat it dry. Take a few pieces of lens-cleaning tissue paper or rice paper. Press them at different places on your face. If, the paper has oily spots on it and it become translucent you skin is oily. If the tissue paper doesn’t have any sticky or oily spots on it your skin is dry. If the paper pressed at t-zone i.e. nose, forehead and chin shows oily and sticky spots then you have a normal or combination skin. More than seventy percent of women have normal or combination skin.

The various types of skin and their characteristics are given below.

Type 1: Oily skin:

When the quantity of oil produced by sebaceous glands is high the skin type is oily skin. It has the tendency to shine and glow. The pores on the skin are enlarged and it has the propensity of growing blackheads and blemishes. Some tightness might also be experienced.

Type 2: Dry skin

The oil glands are not very active and the skin is dry. the person with such skin might feel tightness especially after cleansing. Fine wrinkles red patches and flakes are common problem with this skin type.

Type 3: Sensitive skin

Some people have thin and delicate skin with fine pores. Such skin is said to be sensitive skin. It has a tendency of broken capillaries, flushes easily, delicate and has allergic tendencies and produces rashes.

Type 4: Combination or normal skin

It is the best kind of skin a person can have. This skin has medium sized pores, an even and smooth texture, healthy color, good blood circulation, has tendency of being dry on the cheeks and oily in the neck, chin and forehead.

Type 5: Skin effected by aging or sun-damaged skin

As the age of the person increases his skin type is affected. The skin has visible wrinkles, feels tight, especially around the jaw line and cheeks broken capillaries.

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